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Discover The New Odoo Pricing

Completely customizable, integrated, all-in-one open-source software, Odoo ERP is full-fledged with hundreds of professionally molded business applications suitable for all types and sizes. As a front-runner, the Odoo ERP assists you in embracing every business operational need.

With the launching of the 16, Odoo completely rearranged its pricing. It is absolutely unbelievable that the platform introduced thrilling pricing details. Now you can access 70+ applications and modules for a single price !! The new pricing is convenient for even small-scale businesses.

Enterprise License

Odoo comes in two editions the community edition which is free of charge but limited to functionalities the other is the enterprise edition which has a license fee whereas, compared to the former it is equipped with advanced features to run your company. 

The enterprise pricing is based on the number of users allocated to the platform, which at instance of company operations there is a need for multiple users. In addition, the platform does not charge the companies for the portal user. However, these users are limited to their functionalities in the platform and are accessible to specific data. Additionally, the pricing varies based on the country of the business operations.

New Odoo Pricing

As we know, Odoo has different pricing categories based on geography and demographics. The pricing will vary from country to country. The Odoo platform completely redefined its pricing and delivered a really amazing pricing model. With this new pricing model, users can receive many advantages and discounts with the power to use every application. Three different pricing models are available for implementing the Odoo platform into your business:

One App

Odoo Success Pack

The Odoo Success Pack is the perfect way to unlock the full potential of your Odoo software as well as your business. The packs provide everything you need to get up and running quickly, as well as give you the tools to develop your business operations and take your company to the next level.


40 .00

  • installations in own server
  • System configuration
  • Set up a content delivery network (CDN)
  • GAP analysis
  • basic module settings
  • project management
  • consultations


 €400 .00

  • Packaged installers
  • Source install
  • Docker
  • Consultations

Quick start

​€ 1600 .00

/40 hours
  • Installing Odoo
  • System configuration
  • Basic module settings
  • Project management
  • Consultations


​€ 1200 .00

  • Landing page
  • E-commerce
  • Services site
  • Integrations
  • Copyright
  • Basic SEO optimization